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Welcome to our family.
The word "Samyak" is a Sanskrit word which means good and the word "Samanata" is an Odia word which means equal. We dream of an India where everything will be good and everyone will be equal. This dream can truly be spoken by the name "Samyak Samanata" and so the name. Samyak Samanata is a revolution; a revolution against our unsocial political system; a revolution to create a classless society where both the poor and the rich will be treated equally and can enjoy all the rights truly equally. This is the theme behind our tagline which is "A Revolution for the Social and Economic Equality".

Diptimayee is the only daughter of her parents. For a long time she is suffering from Cancer. A tumor grows on her face covering the whole face. She is struggling to live a life once she dreamed of. The disease is curable but her father is a farmer and can't afford the cost of operation. So they go for temporary operations to remove the tumor which grows back within few months. But she is a surviver, despite all these all these problems she is trying to complete her graduation course and wants to study further.

Laxmi, Raja, Barsha and Damayanti are 4 very lovely kids but are not very fortunate like others. They were born in a slum but later were brought to footpath as their slum was demolished. Then oneday we found them begging on the streets and then we made them a part of our Samyak Samanata family. Now they are living with their parents in a safe home, going to school and trying to live a normal life like other kids.

Social Wing
This group deals with problems those can be solved in very less time e.g. providing education to slum children, relocating footpath children to our Ashram, providing food to the people who live in footpaths etc. Read more about this group
Political Wing
This group deals with long term problems and tries to find the solutions to them e.g. proposing what economic policies the government should adopt so there won't be any slums or people living in footpaths, what changes our current judicial system needs to make itself truly available for the common man etc.
Economic Wing
This is the group which manages all the financial transactions of Samyak Samanata. The job of this group is two folded. It manages when and from where the necessary money will come and decides how the same money can be utilized to get the best of it. Find more about this group


Name - Samyak Samanata
Account No - 704702010004537
IFSC - UBIN0570478

Union Bank of India,
Odagaon Branch,
P.O:- Odagaon,
Dist - Nayagarh,
Odisha, PIN-752081

Communication Address:

Samyak Samanata
Plot No - A/55
Krishna Garden
Phase -2, Jagamara, Khandagiri
Bhubaneswar, Odisha
PIN – 751030

Phone: 09776750738, 08939343988