RAM’s care and incompetency of Officials

Ram’s good name is Thukul Munda, he is a tribal boy, who lost his parents. We first saw him living alone at the Bhubaneswar Master Canteen railway station in 2018. He said us that he had been staying in an Ashram in Bhubaneswar since he had lost his parents, but for some reason, he was away from the hostel and stayed alone at the railway station. We started to keep Ram in the hostel through the additional Child Welfare Committee(Addl. CWC), Khurda. Then we learned that a big file for Ram was already in the CWC office of the Ministry of child development. But some govt. authorities and authorities of the previous child care institution named SOS near SUM hospital were very angry with Ram as he had escaped from the hostel and all of them were not interested to keep Ram again in the hostel. We felt that it will take a long time to calm down the anger of authorities of his old hostel (SOS near SUM hospital) and govt. authorities to keep Ram back in a safe hostel. So we enrolled Ram in class 6 at the Capital High school unit-6 Bhubaneswar and our member Sayantan Panda was his personal school guardian at this school. Then after a continuous try to keep Ram in a safe hostel, finally we are able to keep him in a safe child care institution named “Aashraya” under the Addl. CWC, Khurdha. Ram was an orphan and was used to dendrite addiction by various non-social people at the railway station, so he did not want to go to the hostel again. The Child Welfare Committee also did not bring him by using required force and counseling. Despite there being a thick file in the ministry of child development, Thukulu Munda was alone, helpless, and wandering around the station for years. In November 2019, we have registered a case of missing at Kharabela Nagar police station after we could not find him for a long time. Finally, with the help of The police, we rescued Thukul Munda from Khurda railway station and kept him in a safe child care institution [ASHRAYA ] through the Addl. Child Welfare Committee Khurda(Addl CWC). We also brought his school T.C from Capital High School, Unit-3, Bhubaneswar, and gave it to the authorities of the child care institution and they enrolled him in a nearby high school. We are visiting him almost every month.

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