18 years of exile life for love

BHIMA BEHERA , By remembering to his lover became a 18 years of mental patient , 18 years of exile life and 18 years away from treatment .On the last 26th December our organization “SAMYAK SAMANATA” breakdown this 18 years of exile life for love by taking Bhima Behera to the AIIMS hospital in Bhubaneswar .About 18 years ago ,Bhima Behera who lives in Basudeipur village near Pipili in puri district worked as a mason and lived happily . In his young age he was deeply in love with a girl of his village , but unfortunate that his lover and lover’s family cannot accept this tender love and became selfish and married to his lover elsewhere . Bhima behera may not have been accustomed to accept this selfishness in this society .He could not bear it and gradually became a mental patient . Then his life had come to a standstill . From then he has been staying in an abandoned house for about 18 years without bath and wearing torn dress . Due to poverty and illiteracy his parents are unable to take him to any hospital during their lifetime , but now both parents are not alive .After watching this news on KANAK TV ,we went to his village and brought Bhima Behera in an auto and showed him in “psychiatric department” of the AIIMS Hospital in Bhubaneswar . On the advice of the doctor we brought medicine for one month . The sister of Bhima Behera who give food and take care of Bhima assured us that she will feed medicine to Bhima Behera .We urge the local government authorities and public representative who are literate not like bhima’s lover and lover’s family member to make the breakage house he owns completely beautiful in the government scheme without using such selfishness towards Bhima Behera . We are also trying to repair that house with our little resources .We urge the administration and local representative to cooperate us .For reach the news to us we also heartly thanks to KANAK TV for this humanitarian work as well.

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