Family case number -25:Tulasi Singh family

This family was identified by us in 2018 at Balasore railway station. At that time they were three members. Two children named Tulasi Singh (Female, aged 8 years), Durgaprasad Singh (Babu) (Male, 4 years), and their mother Sabitri Singh were living at the footpath of the railway station. We had provided them with a rented house and grocery. We had admitted Tulasi at the Sovarampur upper primary school in class-2 and had admitted Durgaprasad to the nearest Anganwadi center. After some days we had taken Sabitri Singh to the Balasore medical for treatment of her leg. After the X-ray, the doctor had given some medicine and advised us to take Olotopur SVNIRTAR. In April 2019, we had taken her to SVNIRTAR also. (SS Medical Issue ID-39). At SVNIRTAR, the doctor had suspected cancer in his body and we have planned to admit her to AHACH, Cuttack. In June 2019 there was severe pain in her leg and we had first admitted her to Balasore district hospital and then transferred to SCB medical and then to ACHACH. (SS Medical Issue ID-45). Although Sukanti Dalei, the neighbor of Savitri Dalei and a member of our another family (Family-27) was also working as a medical attendant and we were also looking after the family at medical on daily basis, but we had tried to declare Savitri Singh as a destitute patient and she was declared as a destitute patient by the medical authority. But despite our continuous try for 1 month and prayer, she passed away on 04-07-2019. Tulasi and her elder brother had lost their father before. So for some days Tulais and Babu had stayed with our Family-27(family of Sukanti Dalei). We had started to provide groceries for both Family-25 and Family-27 for some days. Then on 07-01-2020, we had produced both Tulasi and Durgaprasad before CWC, Balasore and the CWC had kept this brother and sister in a CCI named Pabitradevi CCI, Chinchhida, Oupada, Balasore. Every month we are going to Pabitaradevi CCI to meet these children because we want they should never feel orphaned.

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