The unprecedented success of SAMYAK SAMANATA in curing of a 29 year old mental ill person.

We did not believe that any psychiatrist patient could be cured by a year and a half of treatment. In 2019 we found out about Lily Samantaray , a 22 year old girl from DELANG NEAR PIPILI, Who runs her family by earning from tutoring. The two men in her family, father Kailash Samantray is completely blind and brother Bitu Samantaray, who is almost 29 year old is a mentally ill patient. Lily was urging us to leave her brother in a madhouse because it was so unbearable for her to endure the insanity of her brother.At the request of a helpless girl, we realizing how deeply her affection for her brother was being hurt. We urged Lily to be patient and we treated her brother at the AIIMS BHUBANESWAR without taking her brother to a madhouse. As a result Lily’s family had to deal with her brother insanity for a few more months ,but within a year and a half ,her brother had almost recovered. Lily’s father eye surgery was also carried out at AIIMS ,but her father has yet to see anything. After lily’s brother mental health has improved ,lily again optimistic about life and now doing B.ED. Even though we have been helping her with her brother treatment and during any other emergency we want to keep the future of this family in the forefront.

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