“Two year’s of struggle for a hostel life from the capitals footpath life”.

We had to struggle for the last two year to rescue four sibling living in Bhubaneswar mastercanteen railway station i.e laxmi pandey , subha pandey, omm pandey ,som pandey from a life of footpath and give them a social life in a hostel. When we saw these children in january 2017 ,we first enrolled laxmi pandey in class one at the nearby NAC colony primary school and later subha pandey and oom pandey in the same school. The father of these children ,sankar pandey is a man of criminal mentality and for this he goes to jail several times and always comes out from jail within 10 to 30 days.What learn these children from such a crime mentality environment and other antisocial lifestyle of the stations footpath ?We wrote an application to the “Additional district project coordinator” of the school and mass education department swrba sikhya abhijan ,khurdha and to the “Additional district child welfare committee” department of the child and women development. These officers used to tell us that they had parents so they didn’t have to go any hostel and also the above officers saying us that the children who are living at station or in any footpath are not fit for any government hostel as there are so many such type of children .In the month of September 2020 Sankar pandey fatally attacked his wife Sanju pandey with a big stone. So we lodged an FIR against sankar pandey, so sankar went to jail and we are continue the treatment of sankar’s wife sanju pandey and with this we keep four children in a safe hostel with more request and legal pressure on the child welfare committee, khurdha . These officers knows that girls get pregnant and boys are criminals at the age of 14-15, when they are living at the footpath of the railway stations .For those officials ,who are trying to avoid our produced children , we have one question that if there are so much systematic greediness for our children for whom there are so many papers ,then when the government will reach to those such children for whom there is no paper and nobody behind them.

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