A family at the “Janata Lodge near slum“ at Master Canteen,Bhubaneswar is suffering of Impact of the Corona lock-down. I am saying the situation of the family of one of our cared child named Sonali Das at Master Canteen area, Bhubaneswar. Her father is on the floor for 24*7 since last 30 days as the father had committed a suicide attempts before this luck-down in March-2020. Luckily he is alive. Every day he is requiring many pain killer medicines which are bought to from outside of medical. Her mother also can not do her work due to luck-down. They are depending upon the govt. Rasan. But rice distribution to all needy families and to all school children is not going on as per announcement of Odisha govt. Even if at all the slum people of BBSR have not got their rice for 1 month also, although our CM had announced for giving rice of 3 months at a time. School children have only got tokens, but have not got rice. We were going to all most every day to meet our children in this slum before this luck down.But due to the fear of lock-down we can’t go to Bhubaneswar to meet our families. Sonali’s mother had called us through mobile one day for some financial help to buy some rice, cooking gas and to buy medicine for her husband and to buy a medical belt for her husband. In two phases we have sent 1900 rupees through a phone pay account at their slum in this luck-down period. Similarly the family of our child Bulu Das at this slum and the family of our children Suni and Runi are also suffering food crisis and no money for filling up their gas and to buy rasan. They had also called us through phone and we have send some hundreds of money to their families as per our capacity. We know the situation of many families might be like this. And as per our children through phone that many times they are eating milk and cake only due to lack of rice in this period of lock-down. Although we are sending some hundreds of money to them, but our help is really very small till govt. will keep its words and will distribute rice to all Rasan card holders and to all children of schools.It is also pathetic that the Medias are only showing the beating style of some cruel Police and force made by Police to sit-up by our honored public on the road. All most all media are showing only Police and some number of govt. administration on the TV screens only now a days as there is no such news, pains besides Corona and as there is no such persons in this state besides these Police and govt. spoke persons and officers. Instead of pressurizing govt. and administration, all most all Media are busy to praise Police and some egoistic administrators for their insulting to public by doing sit up on the road and by scattering vegetables at the market.(A picture of our Sonali Das’s family)

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