What a day for Ranjan Behera ?

The HSC Matric exam result at Odisha has been published on the day before yesterday. We are so happy that one of our cared child, named Ranjan Behera(Child ID-14) from Magarabandha, Nayagarah district of our “Samyak samanata” Social organization has qualified the exam. Ranjan has been living in a very worse social and economic condition from his birth. We had known his family in 2018.Their social condition is that Ranjan’s father has been not carrying him along with his mother and his younger brother from last 15 years. So that they have been living at their grandmother’s (Mother’s mother) small house at Magarabandha, Nayagarah since last 15 years. Their grandfather (mother’s father) is also no more and their grandmother is also blind. Their economic condition is that their house at Magarabandha is having only one room with mud. They had been staying at this mud house without current connection for 15 years. Their family is surviving by govt. rice, monthly 1000 monthly allowances and monthly 300 rupees salary earned by their mother by washing dishes at other houses. When we had known this family, after some month we had done the current connection to their small house with help of a youth electricals staffs with social mind set named Gyanaranjan Panda and we had arranged a paid tuition for them at their village. But with this situation Ranjan had failed his first Matric exam conducted in 2019 and it was natural. But we had inspired him that we will with him till he would pass the matric exam. We had admitted him to a hostel of Pumia Sir at Sakeri, Nayagarh before 2 month of this matric exam 2020, where he could be more trained for exam and although he has secured less mark, but finally he has passed in this matric exam in 2020. Although passing at Matric exam may be a very common matter, but for him and for their family this incident will bring a big mental strength and it will provide a new hope and ambition to their family for a better social and economic life. We pray to God that God will give more happy to the family. Anyone interested to meet their family and help us to plan for making their social and economic future more secured or to make us strengthen to work in education and security issues for our other cared children,

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