Change is possible

It is very easy to say that people are incapable of change, without doing anything about it. This is Mitu Samantaray. He is 28 years old, the only son, and the oldest child of a poor family. He had been mentally retarded for more than 3 years. Living with such a grown-up kid had been challenging for his family members. Sometimes he will come all wet and naked into his house, sometimes he will shout and make noises for the entire night, at times he had even burnt all his and his sister’s clothes. He was becoming too much to bear. His mother got severe blood pressure issues and even got admitted to the hospital for a few days. Then they decided to leave him in some mental asylum. It was at this time when we discovered their story. After we met them, we thought to take him to a doctor at least once before sending him to an asylum. The doctor saw him and prescribed some medicines for a month. And within just 20 days we could see changes in him. As it turned out, only medicines worth Rs.1500/- and Rs.500/- of transportation per month could make him a very normal person, son, and brother. Today after 1 year of caring for him, Mitu is thinking to get married and living a normal life. Sometimes a little affection and care is what someone needs to bring the biggest changes in themselves. Do join hands with us to reach such people who are looking towards your love and affection.

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