Diwali celebration by our children

Our children at Master Canteen Railway station, Bhubaneswar have celebrated their Diwali with a lot of crackers, with some sweets, and with their beautiful smiling faces. Our well-wishers Lucky Madam, Sibani Madam, and Aswani brother have arranged this Diwali for our children at Master Canteen, and all arrangements for Diwali for the children of Ganapati Nagara slum, Nayapalli have been done by our well-wishers Swagatika and Rajesh. Our other children from Odagaon, Baisinga, Balasore for whom at least a roof has been arranged, have also celebrated their Diwali happily with a small budget allocated for them. Thanks all for your affection and time for our children to enlighten their lives.

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