Into the light…

There are so many things in our life that we take for granted without ever thinking about there importance in our life. We never care to think how life would be without these daily needs or how life is for the people who do not have them. One such thing is electricity.This is the story of a little child, Gagan. Gagan lives in one of a remote villages in Nayagarh, Odisha. After his father abandoned his family he lives with his grand maa, his mother and elder brother. His mother goes to work early in the morning and comes back home late night after working in 3 houses. His grand maa is above 80 years old, has almost lost her vision and can barely walk. They have only a single room for everything and a little space in the veranda. With no electricity in their home you can imagine how they would be living after dark where his grand maa can’t see anything and she is the only one to look after him.When we discovered about them, we reached them and heard their story. We bought some study accessories and convinced him to go to school everyday, bought some grocery items for their home and managed to get a single line connection from their neighbor to light a bulb. After the light all their faces were glowing even though it was dark outside.

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