“Three months ago the story of the two orphan children, Rupa mallick( 8 year )and Siva Mallick (3 year ) of Betada Gramapanchayat in Bhadrak district was telecasted by the O TV , KANAK NEWS ,ARGUS NEWS but they are still far away from the administration and local political leader” .

However, after this news telecast, the hearts of the BDO (Basudevpur), Child welfare committee (Bhadrak) and The Local MLA was melted and they repeatedly visited their homes for two to three consecutive days. Few days later everyone made solid to their melted heart and focusing on their other important work. After clicking photo, the local MLA is going from village to village for singing song in cultural programmed on stage, so he has no time to go there.After all this going on for 2 to 3 months, we visited this family in last February. Our member Laxmikanta Parida noticed that apart from some other benefits, no one even made an Aadhar card of them. Seeing all this, we have arranged a rented house of Rs 600 per month for them. Our member Laxmikanta Parida enrolled two siblings Rupa and Siva in the local school and arranged a private tuition for them as well as providing necessary notebook. We are also providing necessary grocery. When we reminded the BDO (Basudevpur) about this incident, he assured us that he would make their Aadhar card first, once Aadhar card became available he would arranged other government scheme for them. We also talk with this family over the phone in regular basis, about to know how their children’s lessons are going.We would also like to thank the media representatives for bringing this news to us.

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