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Samyak Samanata being a social organization does understand the limits of social working. As a team of social workers we can help few people to solve all their problems, or we can solve few problems for all people but we can never solve all problems of all people. To solve all the problems of all the people we need Positive Political Power. Because most of the problems those exist in our society today are caused due to poor governance and lack of political will. To solve these problems we must change several aspects of our political as well as our governing system. Several problems including Rape, Murder, Honor Killing, Social Security and several others are related to Law and Order which means to deal with them we surely need to build a genuine police department and a set of good laws. So it means if we want to solve these problems permanently then acquiring political power is the only convenient option.

We sincerely believe that "Politics" is a holy way of bringing huge social and economic change in our society. In the Mahabharat even Lord Krishna was doing politics to protect truth in society. But at present the political environment has been polluted to such an extent that everybody hates the word "Politics". So it is one of our humble efforts to make people understand that politics doesn't only mean contesting in elections and seating in the assemblies; election is a small part of politics which even may or may not be required depending on various situations. Politics means fighting for a cause and above personal needs and communal needs; fighting for all.

Today though our country has several political parties with different symbols and leaders, their basic policies like the economic policies, judicial policies and foreign policies, etc. are almost the same. Although each political party is complaining against the others of being corrupted and unfit and they will bring the "system change" when they come to power, but so far they have only been successful in convincing the people that system change means one political party will go from power and a new party will take over the power. None of these decade-old parties have complained against our traditional economic and judicial systems which are the main reason of all our problems. None of these well-established parties have proposed a direct solution to these problems; like what should be the economic changes required to assure zero unemployment or to control price rise, what are the judicial reforms needed so that a rapist or a murderer will be hanged within 30 days and several other common issues that our country is facing every day. Our country is rich in Human Resources but still even after more than 65 years of independence we are not self-sufficient; it's a matter of big concern.

Hence at Samyak Samanata we have this department to deal with these kinds of political issues. As a primary step we propose the following solutions for the above problems in form of different policies.

1. Economic Reforms:
One day one foreign company, "East India" came to India in the name of friendly business and ruled us for 300 years. Now more than thousands of Indian and Multinational private companies are ruling us indirectly. For this, only 15% people of India are possessing 70% of the total money of India and we, the rest 85% common people, are managing with only 30% of the total money. Privatization is the biggest reason of our miseries. When a non-Indian company starts his/her industry in our country, they use our land, our mines and forests, our men as workers and most of our money in their production. If they use all our resources in their industry then why should they run the industry; why can't we run the same? If we are rich in natural resources and man power then why the govt. should give them on lease to someone else; why wouldn't we run our own industries to get the best of them? Privatization only shows the inability of our government to manage our people and their resources.

We want the govt. to take over all the major business sectors like mining, power generation, steel plants, garments, IT and communications and agriculture etc. The govt. should treat agriculture as a leading business and have a special department to deal with this. It should take over all the unirrigated and small lands and start irrigating them with the best of available technologies. In the lands people can work as employees and not as poor farmers. If we can utilize all the agricultural lands fully and technically 12 months a year then we will not have to import even a single grain of our food. Apart from food self-sufficiency it will generate huge economy, help in reducing prices and moreover will generate lots of employment. And we can be a truly economically independent country.

We want a society where the words "Poor" and "Rich" will be history; where all will be living in the same social and economic belt; where the socio-economic difference between any two person won't be as hell-haven as of todays'. This can only be possible if govt. takes all its economic plants to his own control; by governmentization, not by privatization.

2. Judicial Reforms: Till today, we are following the Indian Penal code, Indian Civil Code and India Criminal code which were established by Britishers to dominate Indians, but sadly speaking, till now, all established political parties are not going against this system because they also want the common man to fear the police, court and these complex laws. These laws are so complex that a common man can never understand them and hence is forced to hire a lawyer. So the poor never gets justice. A murder case or a rape case is pending in courts for many years and only 5% of these cases are solved. So day by day the number of rape and murder are increasing. So we propose, the following reforms:

  • We must reject the current police and court laws of 1860. New and simple laws must be formed such that a matriculation student can also understand all the laws.
  • CCTV cameras must be set in police stations and court rooms and the police and judges should also be treated as common people as they are meant to serve the common people who are the actual owners of the country.
  • A case must be solved within 30 days so that a murderer or a rapist will be strongly punished within 31 days. If every 1 hour 2 girls are being raped then every 1 hour there should be 2 hanging of rapists, then only we can dream of a society free from rapes and similar brutal crimes.

3. Administrative Reforms
Centralized Information Systems:
In India, which is considered as the largest democracy of the world, we do not have a trustworthy identification mechanism for all its citizens. Voter cards can be easily duplicated and some persons also have more than one voter card and some have no voter cards, many have adhar cards and also voter cards, many have both cards with wrong data. So we propose that a single unique identification method must be present for all the citizens with their finger prints or eye lenses as the identification marks and with a single centralized and digitized identification number. So there is no chance of duplication in any case.

If we can implement this type of disciplined system it will help the law and order system which is described above. Migrating labors are missing sometimes. Govt. has no information for such sensible incidents now. If we have their identification ids in disciplined way, then we will be able to determine their numbers and location and we will be able to rescue them. Everybody will have unique identification number, unique mobile number and unique account number; it will help the govt. to track all our people and make the total economy of the country more transparent and accountable. As all the voter information would have been digitized, if we can take the voting procedure also to digital along with offline voting, then many educated voters who are now unable to vote, will participate in the election process and the problem regarding vote percentage will be solved and the vote bank politics of the so called leaders will also vanish.

No Cast Based Reservation
No so called reservations will be allowed to any person with respect to their cast, religion, race, sex and region on job sectors, promotions and admission through competitive exams. Reservation must be given only to the poor; the poor may have come from any cast, religion, race, sex or region. Every year the economic status of every BPL family must be verified genuinely and the list of BPL families should be updated every year. So that a person who was BPL last year but this year his financial status has been changed then he/she should not be given any reservation further more. No one should be given reservations for life time. Only physically handicapped and mentally challenged individuals should be facilitated with reservations in job sectors and admission through competitive exams. In no condition someone should be given promotion or bonus based on reservation.

Transparent Govt. Information:
Each and every penny of rupees coming from finance ministry to the grass root level must be published with transparency in the respective websites, office notice boards and govt. magazines. And every day this procedure must be followed so that any person can get any type of information he/she wants at any time. For example, what is the current balance of a specific department of State Govt. or Central Govt., what is the current balance in the collectorate office, what is the expenditure for a "Indirabash Yojana", "Swarajogar Yogana" or any other contract basis projects in his/her village. The current RTI -2005 Act is only a drama. If few information can be given if someone files an RTI then why the govt. doesn't publish them so that anyone needing them can get them easily? Why is it required to request someone to get the information about our own government and country?

Foreign Policies:
If we progress with our proposed economic policy, then the day will come when we will be truly economically independent and each individual of our county will be satisfied with their basic needs. If we have sufficient economy to provide the basic needs like food, drinking water, home, education, and health care to all our countrymen, then we can also help other countries when they face any type of problems like mass killing (ex. massacre in Iraq by ISIS militants, Syrian strikes) or any county where people die in poverty or any country who faces other sensitive problems.

If all such above stated noble political ideas can be implemented properly, then there will not be any cry, violence or inhumanity in our society. As we don't know when our aim will be achieved and how much time it will take, so only we are doing some social work in the social section of Samyak Samanata. But we are sincerely waiting for the day to come when our social and economic conditions will get such a moral basement that there will be no need of any social work.


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