Family case number -23:Subala Dhal family

Members: Wife , daughter  and son

 This is Subala Dhal. He lives with his family in a small village at Balidandi, Ghanteswar ,Chandabali, Bhadrak. He and his wife both are suffering from AIDS. On top of this he has a cancerous tumor on his neck. Due to AIDS, his body remains very weak and he can not do any work to earn for his family. Same is the condition of his wife. Their only hope is the Rs.1000/- they get as an allowance every month and 20 kg of rice from government. Imagine 4 people living an entire month solely on this.

In 2018 we discovered his story. Quickly, we recognised that this family needs immediate attention. After local doctor’s consultation, we found his tumor is cancerous. So we brought him to Regional Cancer Center (RCC) in Cuttack. After visiting multiple times, finally we got an appointment and after few tests, the doctors prescribed for 1-and-half month of Chemotherapy which he has completed in Bhadrak district hospital. After Chemo, we brought him back to RCC, Cuttack for further treatment. But unfortunately he passed away in 2020 . Due to his poor family economic condition, his son became a child labour. But we are trying to resume his study. We have also provided a bicycle to his daughter to attend her classes.We follow up with this family every month.

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