Family case number -06 :Keshaba Nayak family

Name: Keshab Nayak

Age: 35+

Lives in: Ghantasalua, Nayagarh, Odisha

Disease: Locomotor Disability (70% of body is paralyzed)

When Keshab was young, he was working as a daily labourer at some construction site and earning decent money for his family of 5. His father, mother, wife and a little son were living together happily even with that earning. One day he met with a serious accident and was taken to the hospital and the doctors had to rush for a surgery to save his life. The surgery was successful and his life was saved but his body got completely paralyzed below the waist. Now he is completely bedridden. After that, the family never visited any hospital due to poor financial conditions. As a result, over a period of time his hands started to paralyze also and both his foots are getting infected due to long contact with the iron bed. Few months back, in the early 2018, we saw him and his family in the DM’s office. We spoke to them, heard their story and told them that they are not alone. We bought a medical air-bed for him which will stop his foot from getting infected. And we took them to the SV NIRTAR Physiotherapy hospital for doctor consultation. By God’s grace, his condition is improving now.

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