Family Case number -24:Jasoda Singh family

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In the month of July 2018 we had found this family living at Balesore Railway Station and they were four girl child named Joshoda, Nandini, Chandini and Lizza and one boy named Babul and all were begging at Railway station and their  parents were daily drunker and were collecting bottles and polythene..With frequent attachment to the family, after few days, when we had known that the family had a small land at their village Kantabania,Mayurbhanja ,then we had led them to that village and we had invested  rupees 15 thousand in the last October-December for building a small house with asbestos and mud. We had admitted the children at nearby govt school, Badagopalpur Primary School at that time..

After some months, i.e in the beginning of 2019, we had placed three elder girl children to two different nearby govt undertaking free hostels with concerning the daily drinking habits of their parents and the small size of the house.But the boy Babul and the youngest daughter Lizza are living at the village at their newly built house with their mother. Slowly the mother is now trying to live a normal life escaping from the daily drinking habit. Although three girl children are now in hostels, but they do not feel that they are rescued children from railway station, rather they feel that they are at hostel from their own home and they can go to their home at any vacation

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