Family case number -28:Raj and Jhili family

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This family is from railway station mastercanteen ,Bhubaneswar .The children of this family i.e Sekh Rajesh and Jhili khatun both were coming to our free tuition at that place after being registered as a children of us . But due to their small house at an occupied place near railway station ,the living style of the family is very miserable .Their parents are collecting used plastic bottles from the railway tracks but they are interested for the better future of their children and they had approached us several times for the admission of their children in a good hostel .So we had applied through CWC Khurdha for govt  hostel and continuous follow up ,finally in the month of September 2019 both Raj and Jhili stayed in a CCI named Jiban Jyoti   at Bhubaneswar and they had been enrolled them in a near by GOVT school .Every month we are going to see these children

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