Family case number -34: Sonali family


01-Prakasha Das (father)

02-Sangeeta Das (mother)

03-Madhab Das (brother)

Address: Mastercanteen Slum backside of Janata Lodge, unit-3

We met this family at Mastercanteen railway station in 2018. They requested us to keep their daughter (Sonali Das) in a hostel. So we had applied for sonali’s hostel admission in urban deprived hostel under SDPC, SSA Khordha. But due to some reason, now she is living at her home. Sonali’s family financial condition is very bad as her father is a patient and the family is totally dependent on her mother’s income .Her mother works at other houses and her brother is staying at her uncle’s house .We are helping this family by buying medicines monthly( around rupees 500) for her father. Our organization SAMYAK SAMANATA has also paid a special scholarship of rupees 500 per month to Sonali Das. Now Sonali is going to our free group tuition at Mastercanteen.

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