Family case number-37: Bulu Das family


01-Goutam Das (father)

02-Bharati Das (mother)

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03-Bulu Das

04-Dibyabati Das

Bulu Das lost his mother during his childhood, so he lived with his father. But his father is an alcoholic, so their living place is the master canteen railway station’s footpath .He used to collect plastic bottles at railway station and he was also addicted to dendrite glue(Yes, we found it surprising, but it is infact true). We met him in 2018 at the railway station’s footpath. After interacting with him, we came to know that their family was migrated from Ganjam(a district of Odisha).Then we enrolled Bulu Das in nearby capital school and also provided study materials to him. Now he staying at his sister’s house and coming to our free tuition at master canteen.

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