Family case number -55:Chandan Panigrahi family


01-Nalini Panigrahi(mother)

02-Ramachandra Panigrahi(father)

We came to know about this family in January 2017. They are living at Ganapati nagara ,Nayapalli . This family was migrated from Phulbani , Kandhamala ,Odisha. The elder son (Chandan) was not going to school and the father is an alcoholic.  So his mother has requested us to keep her child in a hostel. But we assured her that we will take care of their family .Then we enrolled Chandan Panigrahi in the same school from where he had dropped out. We provided him a school bag, new school uniform, note books, pen and pencil and now he is going to school every day with his sister and is also attending our free tuition at Ganapati nagara, Nayaplli. He will appear in the 10th exam this year.

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