Case number 01:Laxmipriya Rao family


1-B jogi Rao (mother)

02-Aditya Rao(father)

3-Laxmipriya Rao

4-Sneha kumar Rao


6-Damyanti Rao

In the month of July 2012, we met Laxmi, Raja, Barsha, Damayanti and their mother and father on the roadside at CRPF square in Bhubaneswar (capital of Odisha ). Footpath was their home then. Both the father and mother were alcoholics and careless about their children. As a result, the little children had started to beg on the traffic signals. Once upon a time this family was one of the most unsocial families. First we accomdated this family in a rented house at VSS Nagar ,Bhubaneswar. We avail all documents viz Aadhar card, Ration card etc and open their Bank a/c also. Then we sifted this family to Nayagarh . Elder daughter of this family “Laxmi” is studying in class IX and her sibling is studying in a good school .Our organization provides around 6000-7000 rupees per month to this family towards their grocery and house rent. Now their mother is cooking for them and also doing all other household work like any other mother.

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