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"When a poor person dies of hunger, it's not fault of God. It has happened because neither you nor I wanted to give that person what he or she needed" - Mother Teresa

We all live in the same society, so it is for sure that we all need each other's help. But there are few people who need our help very badly. The people who live in the slums and footpaths, the children who beg in streets and traffic signals, the children who work in hotels, factories and mines, the laborers who break stones the whole day still can’t afford a full-stomach meal for his family, the farmers who only wish to send their kids to good schools but never actually can send; these are the people who need immediate help. As a part of the society it is our duty as well as our responsibility to act continuously for the upliftment of the socially challenged people.

We, being a team of social workers try to reach out to more and more people like these. We attempt to bring the people who live in the footpaths inside the society and try to make them sociable and help the ones who are already inside the society to live a better life. Once we identify a family we register them as a case with us. Then we do whatever can be done to solve their problem and remain in touch with them forever. Currently we are working in close with the following cases.

Case – 1: Family of Laxmi, Raja, Barsha and Damayanti

Start Date: October – 2012
Current Status: Continuing

In the mid of 2012 we saw 3 kids begging in CRPF square of Bhubaneswar. They were Laxmi, Raja and Barsha. Every day while passing through that way they used to come to us like they went to others. Initially we too gave them a rupee or two sometimes and sometimes nothing. Eventually we spoke to the kids then we found out that they are staying there with their mother, father and another younger sister who is 3 and half years old. Their parents told they are there for more than 20 years and no one ever cared to help them.

We thought if they are not helped now then they won’t believe in humanity again. We asked them to send the elder 3 kids to school and we will arrange 2 times meals for the whole family. They agreed. This continued for nearly 6 months. But their main problem was a HOME. They didn’t have any permanent place to live in. Somedays they slept under the bus stop, somedays on the mall veranda and somedays just under the open sky. Most of the time the whole family was not staying in one place. As they didn’t have a proper shelter, education was not important for them. Hence we thought to relocate the kids to a safe home. And then we rented our first home in Bhubaneswar and brought all the 4 kids to us, arranged their food, dresses, books and school. With time things started to change for all of us. Later we thought every child has a Right-to-Family. So we moved to Odagaon a small town in Nayagarh district of Odisha and there we brought the whole family. Now Laxmi, Raja, Barsha and Damayanti have completed 2 years of academic study and are staying with their family.

Case – 2: Family of Nandu and Vicky

Start Date: February - 2014
Current Status: Continuing

When we took Laxmi and her 3 other siblings to our Home in Bhubaneswar, we came across this family. They were not socially backward but were financially. The husband has left his whole family to live on their own and has never bothered to enquire how they are. Now their family consists of 4 kids; Nandu, Vicky, Poonam and Sonam and their mother. Their mother had no source of income, so she was staying in her father’s house. When we heard about all these things, we offered her a job. We asked her to join us as a warden to all the kids who can take care of everything including their food, dress and home tuition.

She started the job at a monthly salary of Rs.3000/- and now she is being paid Rs.7000/- per month. The warden is staying in a separate rented house in Odagaon with her 4 kids and is continuing to do her job. We have filed a divorce case for her, so that her matter will be legally handled and she may get what she deserves.

Case – 3: Cancer patient from Kakhadi, Cuttack

Start Date: October - 2010
Current Status: Continuing

There is this girl. Her name is Diptimayee. She is the only daughter of her father. It’s been years she is suffering from cancer. A tumor grows on her face covering the whole face. Her father is a small farmer and he cannot afford the expenses to cure her disease permanently though it is curable. So every few months they go for an operation to remove the tumor. But with time it again grows back. The girl is brave. Despite all these problems she is trying to complete her graduation course and wants to study further.

We read about her from a newspaper, The Samaja. Then we contacted the News Editor and got the address of the family. Our member Sayantan went to visit them with another friend. After speaking to them we got the whole story. We saw their medical reports also but we were sad that we too couldn’t help them cure her permanently because the expenses were too high than we could afford. When they come for the tumor operation we try to arrange blood and other things. We visit them every few days; though we can’t help her medically we can at least stand with her morally. We would really appreciate if you can do something for her. If you want to help her or meet her then contact us or you can directly visit her in the below address:

At/Po – Kakhadi
Near Gurughatia Chhak, Athagarh
District: Cuttack
Odisha, India
PIN – 754037

Case – 4: Slum near Bhubaneswar Railway station

Start Date: August – 2014
Current Status: Continuing

In Master Canteen Square near Bhubaneswar railway station a group of 3-4 families were staying. The group contained a total of 15-20 people. This was no official or recognized slum. The reason of their staying near the station was they used to collect Plastic Bottles from trains. They used to roam in the platforms and in the train coaches with their plastic bags and would collect all the leftover cold drink and water bottles. These bottles they sold to some dealers at Rs.1/- per bottle. This was the only way of income for them. Morning they collected plastic bottles and at night slept in the parking lots, auto stand or on the station veranda.

When we discovered the whole story we spoke to each individual family and asked them not to include their children in these and instead send them to the nearest school. They said they are already enrolled there but if they won’t get to eat full-stomach then how can they study. So they were not going to school regularly instead were spending time to earn bread for their family. Then we thought to educate them by providing books and slates and coaching them in their own place. So we arranged all the things for them and arranged evening classes near the station. We continued that for some time but later due to lack of volunteers we had to pause that. If you can help us in these or want to volunteer in these kind of teaching works then kindly contact us.

Case – 5: A scholar from Kalahandi

Start Date: February – 2016
Current Status: Continuing

In the month of February an Odia news channel reported a story regarding a 17 year old boy leaving his education and working as a laborer in Tamil Nadu. After watching the news we went to the TV channel and contacted the reporter who covered the story. With the help of the reporter we were able to visit to his home and luckily that time the boy had come home. His name is Bikram. They live in a village in Kalahandi district more than 500 KM away from the capital city Bhubaneswar. To their village there is no direct bus communication and electricity is always a problem. With all these adversities he completed his class 12 studies and was a scholar also for which he was awarded a Laptop from the govt. He had lost his father long ago and his mother supported his education by working as a servant in other houses. By the time he completed his class 12 her mother had borrowed almost Rs.40,000/- from neighbors on loan. Now it was difficult for him to study further though he loved to study. Hence he decided to go out with his other friends in search of some earnings.

In Tamil Nadu he was working as a peon in a private college which could earn him Rs.4000 – 5000 per month. From this amount he was keeping some for his own and was sending the rest back to her mother to repay the debts. We spoke to him and to his mother. We told him we will sponsor his studies and probably can also help his mother with the loan amounts to some extent. We asked him to come to Bhubaneswar and join us in our work, in that way he can work as a part time employee for us and can earn some money while doing his graduation. This academic year he will be enrolled in some graduation course which he likes and will continues his studies which he deserves.

Case – 6: Family of Omm, Shubham and Baishali

Start Date: March – 2016
Current Status: Continuing

In the month of March this year, a neighbor and well-wisher to us informed us about a girl who is working in their house and her 2 younger brothers. The girl has 3 other siblings. Her father has left their family long back like the family of Nandu and Vicky. Her mother is working as a hostel warden in a private school in Bhubaneswar. Her elder sister has been married and they 3 children are staying in Odagaon with their grandfather and grandmother. In the marriage of her elder sister they had incurred some debts which her mother is trying to repay. Their grandparents are very old to work or earn. So they were thinking of stopping the girl’s education.

After hearing about them from our neighbor we went to them and asked them not to send the girl to work in any house. And we assured them that we will take all the care of the 3 children including their food and education. Now every day the 3 kids are coming to our Warden’s house in the morning and staying till evening. In this duration they have their lunch and dinner there and also study with all others in the evening. This academic year Baishali will be admitted in her class 11 course and Omm and Shubham will go to their high school studies.


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